Arsen Elkin
Arsen ElkinSoftware Engineer
Interested in opportunities that will challenge him and enjoys collaborative projects in addition to working independently.
Technical skills include fluency in C++11, MapReduce, BigTable, as well as familiarity with Python, Go, Java, Bash, SQL, Git, PHP, and LaTeX.

Arsen Elkin

Software Engineer | Google

Maintain and improve keyword suggestion backend that serves multiple AdWords frontends, including Dynamic Search Ads, Keyword Planner, Opportunities Tab.

  • Designed and launched a system for suggestion quality maintenance.
  • Implemented tools for rapid quality experimentation and exploration.
  • Made efficiency improvements, substantially increasing backend’s throughput.
  • Researched and implemented multiple suggestion quality improvements.
Feb. 2010- April 2011, Marie Curie Incoming International Fellow, Mathematics, Warwick University, Coventry, England

  • Continued research on moduli spaces of hyperelliptic curves in positive characteristic.
  • Discovered a large number of new Belyi curves using code written in MAGMA.

Aug 2009- Dec 2009, Lecturer at University of Northern Colorado and Colorado State University

  • Taught a graduate course on Modular Forms.
  • Member of the commettee to improve Calculus instruction.

Aug 2006- May 2009, Postdoctoral Fellow, Mathematics, Colorado State University

Aug 2005 – Jun 2006, Postdoctoal Fellow, Mathematics, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

  • Conducted research in Algebraic Geometry resulting in publications.
Thesis Title: Hyperelliptic Jacobians with Real Multiplication
Ph.D. Thesis Adviser: Yuri Zarhin

Academic Career:

  • 2010 – 2012: Marie Curie Incoming Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • 1998: VIGRE



Languages: Fluent in English and Russian

Dancing: Avid blues and swing dancer.

  • 2013, Co-organizer for BluesQuake in San Francisco.
  • 2010-2012, Introduced blues dancing to the West Midlands, UK and Krakow, Poland.
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Testimonials and Recommendations

“I can usually do well in a course whether I attend class or not. However, in this class, Dr. Elkin was invaluable in making the material accessible. His online notes were terrific.”
CSU Student, Course Number M229
“Professor Elkin was very helpful outside class and really challenged his students to use what they knew to solve new problems. I really liked his teaching style and appreciated that he was flexible enough to teach subjects that the students had real interest in.”
CSU Student, Course Number M360
“Great teacher!!! So helpful and really great at teaching that horrible book. Lots of work for a two credit class.”
CSU Student, Course Number M229
“Arsen was the most accessible and helpful professor of mathematics I have ever had.”
CSU Student, Course Number M229
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Arsen is a highly skilled and passionate computer programer and mathematician.

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